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    How to persist a human task's expiration time?

    João Guerra Newbie



      I'm using JBPM 5.4 on a J2EE application that accesses a HTS in another server and it is persisting in a Oracle 12c Database.

      In some of my workflows I have human tasks for which a user can define its expiration time.


      I use taskData.setExpirationTime(expirationTime) to set that date and it works, if I use taskData.getExpirationTime I obtain the correct date.


      The problem is that this date isn't being persisted on the Task table, in this table the expiration time column is always null, so when I list the tasks the expiration date information is always empty.

      If I set the expirationtime column value by hand, the method getExpirationTime works correctly and gets the time in the Task table.

      How can I persist this value using set? Or in alternative how can I accomplish my requisite?


      Another problem is that when I try to write a date by myself in the expiration time column of the task table, the task doesn't appears in any of my application task listings.

      I investigated a bit and found that in Taskorm.xml in jbpm-human-task-core-5.4.0.Final.jar there is always t.taskData.expirationTime is null in the where clause of the SQL and this explains why I can never see tasks with expiration date in any list.

      Why is that?


      Thank you in advance for your answers.