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    How to define cache key using namespace

    amila kudahewa Newbie


      I have used Infinispan server (version 5.3.0) since last week as a distributed caching layer for our all product in our platform.

      It works fine for our projects very efficient way. clustering works perfectly.


      In my caching layer there should be different values  for same key. (



      project 1

           key1 : user_id

           value1 : json (<email>,<name>,<address>)

           {user_id :value1}


      In same project (project 1)

           key2 :user_id

           value2 : json {<account_info>,<mobile_bal>}

           {user_id :value2}


      project 2

           key2 :user_id

           value2 : json {<sport_venues>,<avaliable games>}

           {user_id :value2}


      So I need to define key by using namespace like xml namespace.


      My mine says something like below,

           key1 : u:user_id

           key2 :_a:user_id

      Can anybody give some ideas for my requirements.


      Thank you