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    How to know the characteristics of the VPS, and the configuration of the params in the jboos, that you need, for an application running in a jboss 7?

    Jerson Viveros Newbie

      Hello everybody.


      I have an important question.


      I have an application developed in Java, with JPA (hibernate - postgreSQL), EJB and Primefaces, the application is to public and consult ads over Internet, is for a newspaper.


      I think I'm going to have around 10.000 ads, I can put this ads on the memory for consults or have it in the database for consults. I think it could be 30.000 o 40.000 visits of the site per day. Anyway.


      3 - questions:


      1- How can I calculate the characteristics of the VPS that I am going to contract?


      For example:


      VPS1: RAM 3 GB, bandwith: 3 GB

      VPS2: RAM 4 GB, bandwith: 4 GB

      VPS3: RAM 8 GB, bandwith: 8 GB


      2- Which params do I need to configure in my jboss 7?


      For example, how much ram, and where can I configure it.

      How much EJBs pool and where can I configure it.



      3- Considering the traffic, where is it better to put the ads, in the memory (Hash maps) or consult them directly in the database?


      Considering that both servers are going to be in the same VPS. PostgreSQL and JBOSS 7.



      I hope that someone can help with any information about this stuff, because I don't want to buy the wrong choice. and  by the other hand, any one know, any tool that help to test the parameters of the server are well?  I don't know perhaps sending many request at the same time... somethink like that...