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    Help with binding references with a database

    Gerhard Visagie Newbie

      Hi Everybody;


      I have looked at https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/SWITCHYARD/Developer+Guide and in particular "Binding references with database".


      In particular the following is shown:

      <sca:composite name="camel-binding" targetNamespace="urn:switchyard-quickstart:camel-binding:0.1.0">

          <sca:reference name="GreetingDatabaseStore" promote="camel-binding/GreetingDatabaseStore" multiplicity="1..1">


                  <camel:query>INSERT INTO greetings (name) VALUES (#)</camel:query>






      What I would like to know, is how does the binding look like that handles the database? (in the above example that would be "GreetingDatabaseStore")


      Is there maybe an example app that explains this nicely?