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    JBOSS DLQ Flush/remove messages after a certain duration automatically through configuration

    Samraat Anand Newbie



      I am using JBOSS EAP 5.1 and I am making use of JBoss Messaging with Oracle persistence.
      I have a dead letter queue defined.

      Is there any configuration / attribute which can be set to the dead letter queue to
      ensure the messages older than 15 days present in DLQ/Oracle Database are flushed/removed.

      I am a looking for a configuration which can be set in conf folder Eg. destination-service.xml which would help us accomplish this.

      I am already aware of these options
      1. Delete the messages from database manually
      2. Delete them through JMX Bean by invoking removeAllMessages
      3. Set expiry on client side while sending messages.

      I came across setting TimetoLive in jboss-service.xml for JBOSS MQ but this does not work for JBOSS Messaging