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    jBPM6 customize task list UI

    Ravindra Tubati Newbie



      I am in process of evaluating jBPM6 and I have couple of questions:


      1. I would like to know the technology stack used for jbpm console GUI.

      2. How easy to customize/extend the UI. e.g: I would like to customize the "task list" UI to have the task list group by "Application". Each task should be associated with one application. I have different applications like "App1", "App2", "App3" and I would like to create a new menu item "Applications" beside "Dashboard".





      When I click on App1 link, only tasks associated with application "App1" should be displayed.


      I have an idea on database change: I can have two tables:

      1. APPLICATIONS (APPLICATION_ID, APPLICATION_NAME) - Contains  all applications

      2. TASK_APPLICATION (TASK_ID, APPLICATION_ID) - Link table between task and application


      How would I associate a task to an application? Whenever a task is created, I a record should be inserted into TASK_APPLICATION table.

      What all other areas to consider (impact) to achieve this requirement?