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    Using JBoss, Hibernate and an Amazon Auto Scaling Group

    Tommy T Newbie

      I have a JEE 6 backend application running on JBoss with a HTML/JS front end running on nginx.I have set up an Amazon VPC. Auto scaling for web instances works fine.

      The JEE 6 backend uses JPA (Hibernate) to talk to MySQL DB. I had wanted to run each JBoss instance in standalone mode in an autoscaling group all talking to one Amazon RDS instance (I have been warned off running MySQL in clusered mode by many people and in addition my Txs are r/w this would be very slow too writing to master and reading from slave in one tx).

      I am not a Hibernate expert. Running as I had planned has/does/will cause untold problems with JPA caching, or so I am told -- I had thought this would not matter as each JBoss/EC2 instance would have no knowledge of each other but apparently Hibernate caching has other ideas.

      How best can I achieve HA at application sever/JBoss tier --e.g Auto scaling group while still using JPA as my persistence layer towards DB.



      Any suggestions welcome