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    ClientSessionFactoryImpl sessions set build up to thousands of instances

    Tai Khuu Tan Newbie

      Hi ,

      My application currently using 1 connection for the whole application , with every transaction , i create a session and a receiver to receive 1 message from a queue since it 1 message per transaction , at the end of transaction i manually close the receiver , the session  , but after my application running for about 2-3 days , jvm memory start to build up ,until it reach a state that the application stop to respond ,and eventually go to out of memory exception . i dump the memory to analyze it and notice a huge number of ClientSessionImpl (about 99000 instances each of it take about 3kb in memory) in ClientSessionFactoryImpl  sessions set . I'm wondering when these session ever get release to GC , Should i use multiple connections instead of 1 only ? My HornetQ version is 2.2.14 and im using JBoss JTA for transaction manager


      I'm very appreciate you help .