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    Intermediate Timer Events in jBPM 5.4.0

    Jay Guidos Novice

      I am trying to use a Catching Intermediate Timer Event.  There are several examples in the junit tests of these, but none that use a cron-based expression.  Although cron-based expressions work fine as Start timers, I always get parse errors when I try to use a cron expression for an Catching Intermediate Timer.  Looking at the code for validating timers, it seems that there is no attempt to identify the expression as a cron expression.  Is this a bug?


      Also, all the examples I have found on the interet that show, for example, a process flow that has a separate intermediate timer flow do NOT connect the intermediate timer to the start node.  Even Mauricos's latest 5.x book shows this to be possible (see Emergency Bed Request Process, V3 on page 245) but when I validate such a diagram it is invalid, with errors like 'Node 'MyTimer' has no connection to the start node.


      The only work around I can think of is to connect the Start node to the Catching Intermediate Timer node via a parallel gateway, but I have not seen any diagrams that have had to do this.  What am I doing wrong?