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    BrowserSim doesn't start

    Dirk Haase Newbie



      I'm going through the Ticket Monster tutorial and BrowserSim doesn't start. I'm using 32Bit Windows7, JBDS 7 and installed both Safari and QuickTime (both can be started) and also rebooted. I still get the error saying that Safari needs to be installed. Is there anything I need to configure like the Safari Installation Path? Or anything else?



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          Yahor Radtsevich Newbie

          Hi Dirk,


          No, you don't need to configure the Safari Installation Path. BrowserSim should detect it automatically unless you have some old version of QuickTime, iTunes or Safari.

          Please try to go to "Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features" and remove all Apple software (type "apple" in the filter field at the top right corner).

          Then try to reinstall the latest Safari: http://support.apple.com/kb/dl1531


          If this does not help, please run JBDS with Java console (you need to change "javaw.exe" to "java.exe" in the jbdevstudio.ini) and copy printed error messages here.