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    Sybase and NOT NULL columns

    anajavi Newbie

      When using JBoss CMP to create tables on Sybase, all fields are NOT NULL.
      Is there a way to prevent this?

      Sybase uses strange syntax where you have to define nullable columns instead of NOT NULL columns. For example:
      VARCHAR(255) NULL.

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          anajavi Newbie

          Actually I found how to do it by modificating JBoss source:
          org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.SQLUtil has the following:

          buf.append(columnNames).append(" ").append(sqlTypes);
          if(notNull) {
          buf.append(" NOT NULL");

          by adding:
          else {
          buf.append(" NULL");

          Seems to work with PostgreSQL at least. Do not know if it breaks other db's.
          Is it possible to have this kind of modification on JBoss source?