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    Determine blueprint service dependencies

    Peter Harsfalvi Newbie

      Hi Guys


      Is there any possibility to enquire the missing service dependencies for a blueprint bundle? I guess that there should be an easy way for that... The blueprint context just says [GracePeriod] - which is even the case when the Bundle-SymbolicName:tadaataa;blueprint.graceperiod is set to false. I already tried to capture blueprint events in a separate service bundle, using my own BlueprintListener bean but no success.

      In a spring dm context an ApplicationListener could receive OsgiServiceDependencyEvent-s (e.g. OsgiServiceDependencyWaitStartingEvent and OsgiServiceDependencyWaitEndedEvent), so I guess that blueprint events should also be provided by Aires? Anyhow, a nice console command extension would be also great