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    Communicate and url redirect between instances

    HtetNyi NyiMin Newbie

      Dear all,

           I am struggling with url redirection and communication between instances.

      Let's say, I have two jboss instances(node1 and node2) running with port 8091 and 8092 on same jboss server.

      There is a war file in each node(war1 in node1 and war2 in node2).

      War is written by JSP/Servlet.

      So, I access war1 from node1 and I logged in from that war.

      There is an event where I could go to access to war2 of node2 and vice versa(access war1 of node1 from war2).


      The thing I would like to do is that,

      1) I would like to access war2 of node2 by clicking event of war1

      => http://localhost:8091/war1/servletURLPattern

      => event occurs

      => http://localhost:8092/war2/servletURLPattern

      * I would like to pass login information to war2 in servlet request

      for not logging in againg at war2 since the user has been logged in at war1.


      2) This is the opposite view of case1, that is I would like to go back to war1

      => http://localhost:8092/war2/servletURLPattern

      => event occurs

      => http://localhost:8091/war1/servletURLPattern

      * I would like to maintain login information in war1 for not logging in again.


      * I don't use HttpSession in my project. I passed login information in every HttpRequest/HttpResponse.


      I would like to request do you have any ideas, suggestions and references.