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    EJB Inheritance from Implimented Interface

    jack1 Newbie

      In the 3.03 release we were able to have our Entity Beans implement an interface that contained the declaration for the beans getter/setter methods.

      JBoss atributed these methods to the EntityBean, and apparently even implied that they were abstract so that we did not have to rewrite the getter and setter methods in each of our Entity Beans, Interfaces, and "Data" beans.

      This allowed us to get some sort of inheritance effect, and save us from having to add new getter/setter methods in 3 or more places.

      In JBoss 3.2.1 this ability seems to be gone.

      I would assume that the CMP Entity Bridge is only using the declared methods of the EJB itself when generating meta data about the bean for deployment as simply adding the discrete getter/setter method alleviates the error:
      Method is not a known CMP field accessor, CMR field accessor, or ejbSelect method:

      Any plans to add this back. It is convenient and kind of expected.