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    workflow metadata (jbpm6)


      Is there an interface to retrieve metadata about a deployed workflow?


      Say I have a kjar with two workflows in it (two bpmn files), with the processIds of au.com.infomedix.ereferral and au.com.infomedix.scannedreferral. Each of these workflows has a different set of variables defined for them. Is it possible to get a list of the names and types of these variables? What about a list of the human tasks and swimlanes defined in the workflow? Any other metadata available?



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          Yes you can, there a service called BPMN2DataService which belongs to the jbpm-kie-services project that allows you to get that kind of information.

          If you take a look at the KIE-WB or jBPM Console Process Definition Details screen that's exactly the information that we are showing there.


          Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.36.52.png

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            Thanks, thats the sort of thing I'm after, but I can't see where I get the process variables from or their types.


            A couple of comments on the interface


                    Collection<TaskDefImpl> bpmn2DataService.getAllTasksDef(processId);

            Should that be returning Collection<TaskDef> (except that it is an "internal" interface, org.kie.internal.task.api.model.TaskDef)


                    ProcessDesc bpmn2DataService.getProcessDesc(processId);

            ProcessDesc is the model.impl object, should it be an interface and the model object be ProcessDescImpl?

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              Yeah, you are right on the comments. We are still allingning those helper objects that we are using for those services.

              Now that we have a good estimate of all the information that is required for the UI we will start refactoring those services.

              Notice that these services are not exposed via REST, so in order to do that we will need to apply the unifications and interfaces that you mention.

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                ...  I can't see where I get the process variables from or their types.

                I still cannot find this info, at least not via BPMN2DataService. Which service/method is it found from