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    Right place / JBoss FUSE ressources...?

    afaulhaber Newbie

      Hi there,


      sorry that I make this post but I have wasted hours (!!!) trying to make sense out of the combined pages of Fusesource, Red Hat and JBoss but obviously lack the capacity to do so...

      Thus (sorry again) a few questions:


      - Where is the best place to discuss / report bugs on Fuse 7.3 / 6.1? (please try to have _one_ and only one version scheme - everything else is at least initially confusing... or at least explain it)

      - I could not find a JBoss Fuse Project in JBoss-JIRA. Where could I report bugs (for beta-versions)?

      - Are there mailing lists?

      - Are there separate forums/groups/whatever for released versions and not yet released versions?

      - If I post here, do the same developers read it as if I was posting in the RH forums?


      and finally:


      Am I the only one who seems to have problems making sense of this jungle of versions, different websites, forums etc.?


      Would be great if someone could share some light


      Cheers, A

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          Claus Ibsen Master

          The right place would be here.

          The wrong place would be at the old FuseSource website as that company no longer exists.


          Only Red Hat employees currently can create JiRA tickets in our issue tracker.

          And on behalf of our subscribers where we have another tracker in place.


          The FuseSource JIRA tracker is scheduled to be migrated to the JBoss JIRA tracker in the foreseeable future.

          So in the future the JIRA tracker will be there.


          The best place to get interaction with the engineers is on IRC on the #fusefabric. And then take it from there.

          See: http://fuse.fusesource.org/community.html


          The engineers do not as often check these forums, so be patient. Though these forums is intended for anyone to participate.