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    No transactions available for Infinispan when running in JBoss EAP 6.1?

    Daniel Nuss Newbie

      The Infinispan user guide (version 5.3: http://infinispan.org/docs/5.3.x/user_guide/user_guide.html#sid-68355126_InfinispanServer-Transactions) states in section 27.3.2 under point transactions:


      "While it is possible to configure server caches to be transactional, none of the available protocols offer transaction capabilities."


      1. Is this the right place to look up how to configure the Infinispan subsystem in JBoss EAP 6.1 as well (because this is the section which describes the Infinispan standalone server)?

      2. Does this statement mean, that caches i configure in the JBoss container can't participate in a JTA transaction? Or do i totally misunderstand this statement?


      Background: I wanted to do an explicit lock on a specific key to synchronize reading of a block of data, because i have the use case that several values added in the cache have to be processed in correct order. According to the user guide, an explicit lock can only be obtained in a transactional cache, and so i stumbled across this statement...


      Edit: Maybe this is easier to answer, my original question was: How can i define pessimistic locking or at least eager-locking for Infinispan in JBoss (or is it even possible)? I didn't find enough information regarding configuring transactions in the infinispan subsystem in the JBoss configuration files to do so. I just want to set a cluster-wide lock on a specific key in Infinispan within JBoss (for which i have to configure pessimistic locking, otherwise i get exceptions). It would be great if someone could help me here.