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    BindException when deploying

    ksimpson Newbie

      Seeing the following error from Jetty when deploying application bundle:


      10:39:59,773 | ERROR | NAPSHOT-thread-1 | BlueprintCamelContext            | 138 - org.apache.camel.camel-blueprint - 2.10.0.redhat-60024 | Error occurred during starting Camel: CamelContext(portland-esb-context) due Address already in use

      java.net.BindException: Address already in use



      •   Four active Fuse ESB containers, two each on pair of VMs
      •   All four containers are active; their AMQ brokers contend for lock on NFS
      •   Deployment consists of FTP'ing application bundle into each container's deploy folder


      There are only three Jetty endpoints with corresponding from() in the application, defined in properties file (all resolve ok):

      1. cad.acceptor=jetty:
      2. {{cad.acceptor}}/echo
      3. jms.acceptor=jetty:


      Note that 'echo' endpoint is extension of 'cad' endpoint.  Also, all endpoints use default port, 80.


      Can multiple Jetty endpoints use the same host ( and port combinations?  What else could be causing BindExceptions?