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    Problem converting text Data in Multilinguil

    Asim Shaikh Novice

      guys to create multilinguil web I have created resource file resources.label_In_Hi my default resource file is resources.label  I have converted all labels to Hindi but my question is how can I convert data in <h:outputText> and <p> tag exp <p>welcome to my website you all.</p> or <h:outputText value="welcome to my website you all"/>how can I convert this in any other language

      and what if I have to make whole form in other language

      <f:view locale="#{UtilManagedBean.loc}">

              <f:loadBundle var="bid" basename="resources.labels"/>





      <h:outputText value="#{lbl['label.Select_Language']}"/>

             <h:selectOneMenu id="dropdown" value="#{UtilManagedBean.locale}" onchange="submit()">

                          <f:selectItem itemValue="en_US" itemLabel="English" />

                          <f:selectItem itemValue="hi_IN" itemLabel="Marathi" />