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    errorCode=3 message=Timed out waiting to receive cluster topology

    William Moore Newbie

      I have an mdb which was working under JBOSS 7.1.1.


      I have moved to JBOSS 7.1.3 because I needed to do property substitution for configuring the ejb-jar.xml.


      There has been no other change.


      My configuration is that I have one jboss as7 where the mdb is running via an ear file.  I have the JMS Server on another PC using the standalone-full.xml.


      Since I could not find an installer for jboss 7.1.3, we tarred up our installation from an unix server.  This unix server has been configured as part of a cluster.

      I am afraid that the sysadm may have used the standalone-full.xml.  I am attaching it for someone to tell me if that is true.  If true, would it be possible to get a good copy of the file?


      I saw in this discussion: Find Connection to HTTP Transport Servlet that versions in my maven dependencies may be the cause of this errorCode=3.


      With JBoss 7.1.1, the version of the hornetq-core-client is 2.2.13.Final.  We also have hornetq-jms-client which is the same version.


      The netty is version 3.2.5.Final.