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    How to make the JBoss 5.0 shared library available?

    Chenshuyang yangyang Newbie

      I want to share a jar file for two war in the same instance.

      For test, I make the jboss folder and war file like this.


      1)JBoss Folder


        -- deploy/

           -- myApp.war

        -- lib/

           -- test_1.2.jar(only one method to output "1.2")




        -- META-INF/

        -- WEB-INF/

           -- class/

              -- myservlet(reference class test to output the version)

           -- lib/

              -- test_1.1.jar(only one method to output "1.1")


      I hope the shared library could override the jar file in WAR,

      but i still get the version "1.1".

      it means that the jar file in WAR worked, but not the jar in the "server/default/lib".