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    Wildfly caches resources in exploded content deployment mode

    Xavier Coulon Newbie

      Hello !


      While I was building a sample application with JBoss Tools 4.1.1.beta1 on WildFly 8.0.Beta1, I noticed that after a few minutes (or a few browser requests), the content of my index.html file seemed to be cached by the server, although I used the "exploded content" deployment mode (since I published the content using the WildFly Server Adapter in JBoss Tools).


      I checked the actual content of the index.html in the deployments folder and it contained the latest changes, which means that the JBoss Tools Server Adapter is doing its job well ;-)

      I also tried to edit the index.html file directly in the deployments folder, and once again, I got no update in both Chrome and Firefox browsers.


      I checked in the "Network" tab of the browsers and could see that the server response for the index.html page had a "200 OK" status, which means that there's no browser caching involved.

      I tried to get the index.html page with cUrl and got the same old version, which definitely excludes a browser caching issue.


      At the end of the dat, this means that after a few changes, my browsers keep getting an old version of the deployed resources, which in turns means that I have to stop and restart the server to get the new content, and this is pretty bad in term of dev productivity.


      Is there a flag that should be activated on the server ? Should I open a JIRA for that problem ?


      Thanks in advance

      Best regards,