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    Hardening Guide for JBoss AS 7 - PCI DSS and similar

    lifeonatrip Newbie

      Hi all,


      I just have done a DRAFT for a hardening guide intended for JBoss AS 7.2 standalone.


      The guide is intended for people who need to pass audit for security standards like PCI DSS lv1 or similar and unfortunately, at this stage, is not a general purpose guide because is tailored on my personal use case, but I think can be a good start to get a good community version of a security standard guide.

      I would like to make something similar to a STIG but focused on JBoss 7.2 and onwards.


      If you guys think that something like that is useful I'll publish the first draft and we can edit according to people's suggestions.


      Please let me know what think about this idea.



      - Lifeonatrip