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    FindByPrimaryKey slow down

    dedalus71 Newbie

      Hello, I'm experimenting a strange behaviour in my application. I'm running jboss 3.0.0 with tomcat 4.0.3 embedded. I have many Sellers (about 20) and Customers (about 20000) and a 1-n CMR among them.
      I usually browse all Customers (about 20000), pick one and display all data about it, including Seller identity. And it works fine.
      Sometimes I update Customer data and it works fine too.
      If a set a different Seller for the selected Customer I run into trouble:
      - first it takes long to update the Customer;
      - second, from that moment on I cannot browse Customers (the server.log reports more than 20 secs for a FindByPrimaryKey query to complete).

      I think is something related to the cache, but I don't know how to tune it. Has anyone a suggestion?