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    PickList based on RW questions

    Juraj Húska Master

      Hello guys,


      I am in the process of reviewing the pickList component based on the RW buddy.


      Couple of questions have risen, and I would like to ask you which ones are relevant, thus deserves an JIRA issue.


      1. default value of attributes compatibility: Should default values of attributes be the same between RF5.Alpha1 and the new components? (ordeable attribute is different).


      2. attribute ordeable is missing @Attribute(defalutValue="true") in the AbstractPickList.java

      3. pickList.template.xml - there are some TODOs, should they be completed ? or JIRA is just fine. I have not found any corresponding JIRA for them.

      4. Could you please consider the order of the buttons in the stack ?

      IMHO it is weird (not user friendly) to have stack in this order: remove all, remove, as the first buttons.

      The old version of pickList had it imho in a more reasonable order: Add all, add, remove, remove all







      RichFaces 3 has the same order I am proposing.