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    Maximum number of URLList value in Properties-service.xml

    Deepak Kumar Newbie

      Hi Team,


      We have been using properties-service.xml to manage system property file in jboss server.


      The attribute name URLList is being used to add new property file as mentioned below.


      <attribute name="URLList">

      ./conf/abcc.properties,./conf/def.properties ,./conf/ghi.properties



      Jboss version being used is 4.2.3

      My Question :


      Is there any limit to the number of property file that can be added to URLList attribute.

      Currently we have around 35 such property file. On adding any further property file entry, we are not able to read any property(key-value pair) from the property file appended at the end(the same entry works if we add it in the middle or at the front).


      In case there is limit , can we increase this limit? or any other solution to this problem would real


      Let me know if anything described above was not clear.



      Thanks and Regards,