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    example to route a message from cxf web service to ActiveMQ

    Harry fff Newbie

      Hi All,

      Can somebody point me to an example to route a message from camel-cxf  web service to fuse activeMQ .I have tried rider-auto-osgi example from fuse source examples https://github.com/FuseByExample/rider-auto-osgi

      but while running that example I am getting following error at the time of adding feature Url to mvn repo.

      JBossFuse:karaf@root>  features:addUrl mvn:org.fusesource.examples/rider-auto-co


      Error executing command: Unable to add repositories:

              The container is managed by fabric, please use fabric:profile-edit --rep

      ositories mvn:org.fusesource.examples/rider-auto-common/4.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/feature

      s target-profile instead. See fabric:profile-edit --help for more information.


      Any quick help is highly appriciated.