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    Seeking developer/consultant for jBPM integration project in Denmark

    Henrik Fjorback Newbie

      Hi All,

      We're a small dev. team looking for the next generation flow engine - jBPM6 we assume :-)

      We're seeking to buy knowledge from a developer/consultant who knows jBPM integration, with whom we can cooperate since we must be ready on January 1st 2014!


      Question #1: Anyone who wants to help us, within normal business hours (8 - 17) ?


      Question #2: Any comments on the timeframe? Is it realistic to integrate jBPM within 120 man days? (4 skilled Java devs, 2 "simple" processes with human tasks)



      Our R&D department is in Herning, Denmark.

      We've been working with flow and business processes since 2005, based upon our own flow engine. Now we're migrating the product from IBM i to Java.

      The product is a "Document Management" application, and the core part is already running at customers.

      For the first customer, the target is a process with 2 human tasks and 1 group task. This is due in January. Later on we'll benefit from all the great features of jBPM, including ability to define own processes, add script tasks and more.


      We do already have a UI for listing human tasks and invoking flow actions, and we intend to use this UI for jBPM as well - with adjustments as required (image attached)



      Product Manager


      Henrik Fjorback