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    ClassNotFoundException - different behaviour on JBoss 7.1

    akash bansal Newbie



      I have two classes one is OutData and the other is ExtendedData as given below:




      public class OutData implements Serializable {

              public OutData(String internetAddress, String hostName) {

              this.internetAddress = internetAddress;

              this.hostName = hostName;



          private String internetAddress;

          private String hostName;


          public String getInternetAddress() {

              return internetAddress;



          public void setInternetAddress(String internetAddress) {

              this.internetAddress = internetAddress;



          public String getHostName() {

              return hostName;



          public void setHostName(String hostName) {

              this.hostName = hostName;






      public class ExtendedData extends OutData implements Serializable {

          public ExtendedData(String internetAddress, String hostName,

                  String testProperty) {

              super(internetAddress, hostName);

              this.testProperty = testProperty;



          private String testProperty;


          public String getTestProperty() {

              return testProperty;



          public void setTestProperty(String testProperty) {

              this.testProperty = testProperty;




      One of my sessionbean has following source code:


      public interface RemoteCalculator {

          OutData responseFrom();



      public class CalculatorBean implements RemoteCalculator {


          public OutData responseFrom() {

              String ipAddress = null;

              OutData outData = null;

              try {

                  InetAddress ip = InetAddress.getLocalHost();

                  ipAddress = ip.getHostAddress();

                  String nodeName = System.getProperty("jboss.node.name");

                  System.out.println("Response from " + ipAddress + " NodeName: " + nodeName);

                  ExtendedData extendedData = new ExtendedData(ipAddress, nodeName, "Test Property");

                  outData = (OutData)extendedData;

              } catch (UnknownHostException e) {



              return outData;



      I have deployed all these four classes on JBoss 7.1.3 server.


      My EJB Client has only TWO classes - RemoteCalculator.class and OutData.class. When I call responseFrom() method of above session bean from JBoss, it throws ClassNotFoundException : ExtendedData.

      When I deploy same EJB on Weblogic 10.3 server, it works fine. It does not throw ClassNotFoundException : ExtendedData even though my ejb client does not have class definition of ExtendedData.


      I am attaching the source code of my session bean along with OutData and ExtendedData for ready reference.


      I would request to JBoss SMEs about the different behaviour of the same.