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    Infinispan Clustering applications on 2 servers

    remo408 Newbie

      I have a Scenario where i have 2 weblogic servers let say WL1 and WL2 in WL1 i have 2 applications deployed APP1 and APP2 in WL2 i have 2 applications deployed APP3 and APP4 I want to create a infinispan configuration where APP1 from WL1 forms a cluster with APP3 in WL2 and APP2 from WL1 forms a cluster with APP4 in WL2

      So i tried using default UDP multicasting and looks like all 4 applications are forming a cluster, so i changed the multicast port to solve this issue but is this the only way to get across this kind of a situation?

      Can something be done with TCPPing i am wondering because it's a p2p so it can form a cluster between WL1 & WL2 and not with individual applications right?

      I am also considering of using remote caching but want's to explore embedded caching before we completely rule it out, so any help will be highly appreciated.