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    jBPM 5.4 Actors problem

    Ramses Hernández Newbie

      Hi, my problem is that when I assign an actor for a human task the task is registered in the database, the user exist in table organizationalentity but in table task and table peopleassignments_potowners the actor was't set, but when the user assigned is a test user (krisv, mary, etc.) everything is ok.


      My code is:



      import java.util.HashMap;

      import java.util.List;

      import java.util.Map;

      import mx.edu.inee.demos.jbpm.comun.Connection;

      import org.drools.KnowledgeBase;

      import org.drools.runtime.StatefulKnowledgeSession;

      import org.drools.runtime.process.ProcessInstance;

      import org.jbpm.task.User;

      import org.jbpm.task.query.TaskSummary;

      import org.jbpm.task.service.TaskServiceSession;

      public class EjecutaPrueba {


        public static void main(String[] args){


        KnowledgeBase kBase = Connection.getKnowledgeBasePrueba();


        StatefulKnowledgeSession kSession = Connection.getStatefulKnowledgeSessionPrueba(kBase);


        Connection conn = new Connection();


        TaskServiceSession taskSession = conn.initTaskService();


        User user1 = new User("user1");

        User user2 = new User("user2");

        User user3 = new User("auto");

        User user4 = new User("user4");

        User user5 = new User("user5");








        ProcessInstance pi = kSession.startProcess("inee.Prueba");


        List<TaskSummary> tasks = taskSession.getTasksAssignedAsPotentialOwner("user1", "en-UK");


        //Mostramos el tamaño del arreglo

        System.out.println("El tamaño es: " + tasks.size());


        for(TaskSummary ts : tasks){











      The bpmn has the property ActorId = krisv and it works fine but if I put ActorId = user1 the actor is not saved in peopleassignments_potowners and task.


      Thanks in advance.


      Ramses Hernández