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    JBOSS and JDO

    elaineqs Newbie


      What is the real state of Jboss in relation to the Sun's JDO specification?

      thanks in advance!

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          Sivadasan Plakote Newbie

          IS the current implementation of JBOSS supports JDO?

          where i can find more details aboout jboss - jdo.


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            Perry McCarty Newbie

            I think the link in the previous posting was to a page that was released about the time of JBOSS 4.0 DR2, which was on July 3, 2003. Since that time, the main developer of Hibernate has joined the JBoss team. Hibernate seems to be an alternative to JDO and it's not really clear to me what JBoss 4.0 is currently expected to provide in the persistence area. I think I saw on a forum somewhere (maybe outside of the JBoss forums (fora?)) that the JBoss JDO project may not be continuing. Or, maybe it will continue but Hibernate is a new backbone for it.

            According to the roadmap for JBoss 4.0, developer release 3 was supposed to occur in August-September. That hasn't occurred and I haven't seen any postings providing updates to that. I don't know if that means the release date for 4.0 is also expected to slip.

            Does anyone know which forum is the appropriate one for posting questions about updates to projected availability dates?