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    How to undo/rollback a stage in workflow ?

    manivannan kathirvel Newbie

      Our application (using JBPM 5.1.0 final+ Hibernate+Spring), deployed on tomcat 6.0.26 gets an issue where sometimes when user completes a stage next stage does not become active.


      We are unable to find out reason behind the same. So, to give a workaround we tried to rollback last operation performed by user.


      We are taking below steps for the same :                   


      1) Moving that Task into Ready state so that it can be claimed again


      Update task set status = 'Ready', ActualOwner_id = null where id = <task-id>


      2)We have audit tables for processinstanceinfo and WORKITEMINFO. So we also rollback last state into these tables.


      So I am updating these three tables :

      Task, processinstanceinfo, WORKITEMINFO



      After this when we claim a task, JBPM completes it without any error but still it doesn't create the next stage.


      Please clarify us with this issue and below set of queries.



      Our application create workflow subprocess at every state. Just wanted to understand when does a new entry get added/removed from processinstanceinfo?

      AM I missing any other table which needs to be updated

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          Maciej Swiderski Master

          if we are talking about user tasks, then the reason why process does not move forward after task completion is due to link between process and task service does not work. Depending on which communication you use to interact with task service (hornetq, mina) you need to ensure that there is human task work item handler registered on ksession and that handler is properly connected to task service. If it's not then it become usual reason why process does not move on after task has been completed.