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    Workaround for Syncronization Bug in 6.1 EAP

    Mark Lichtenberg Newbie

      In the process up upgrading our 7.1.1 instances to 6.1 EAP, we experienced periodic NullPointerExceptions at ServerLocationImpl:546 when a high volume of web threads were attempting to send messages to a queue. We found bug [HORNETQ-1130] Synchronize ServerLocatorImpl properly to avoid race condition when concurrently creating and closing Cli… that looks to be the culprit, and was fixed in the 2.3.0 CR2 release of HornetQ. When I tried to update our hornetq module to the 2.3.0 Final, we ran into the same issue mentioned here - Re: How to upgrade HornetQ version in JBoss 7


      Has 1) there been any work done on a backward-compatible version of hornetq that we could employ or 2) is there a configuration workaround we could use that would block creation of new concurrent pool connections to throttle the workload? Thanks so much