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    Strange scroll behavier of rich:autocomplete field in IE9/10

    ronny2013 Newbie



      i have a strange scroll behavier in a rich:autocomplete list.

      The list has a lot of elements so the list has a scrollbar.

      If i open the list and scroll a little bit with the scrollbar and move the mouse to the elemets, an other element which is not within the viewport of the list is shown in the textfield.

      Is this a known bug and is there a workaround for it?


      Here is the sorce code, there is nothing special:


          requiredMessage="Add value."
          style="vertical-align: middle"
          mode="client" selectFirst="false"
          showButton="true" minChars="1"
          onblur="#{rich:component('inField')}.hidePopup();" />


      Show in the attachments or below for a short video.