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    Disable verbose exception logging

    Johannes Reuter Newbie

      If a user tries to log in in my application without valid credentials, a LoginException (security-subsystem), an EJBAccessException (invocation failed) and an EJBException (answer to the client) get thrown and logged.


      Is there a way to supress / ignore these exceptions in the log-files?


      My basic approaches were:

      • Filter them by <filter><match pattern="..", but the regex only matches to the message, not stacktrace/cause, ...
      • Use log4j as logging-backend, where you apply custom filter-classes, but I wasn't able to replace the logging-subsystem
      • Implement a custom handler, but it's a lot of effort and I loose all the nice features like periodic-rotating-file-handler etc.
      • Use a different handler for my own loggers (via <logger category="...) and log the error myself (once)


      Greetings and thanks in advance