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    Fuse 6.1 does not react/very slowly when in downloading mode

    afaulhaber Newbie

      Tested on versions 129-137:


      When adding a profile to a container the container ist in "downloading" mode for hours: last time I let it run and checked the logs the next day, an error message was logged after 5 hours (!!!).


      If a container is in this downloading state the hawtio-management interface seems to be extremely slow with response time up to 10 Minutes. (Especially anything that inteacts with fabric, i.e. displaying the list of profiles -- -> upper right corner, select Fabric -> Configuration -> Profiles)


      It would be great if there could be at least warnings about non-reachable connections in the log.


      Cheers, Arndt


      PS: Would also be good to enable maven via proxies by default...

      PPS: Quite annoying that one can post only every 15 Minutes in this forum (not very userfriendly in my opinion...)