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    Help modelling a rule in Guvnor

    Paolo Ferrer Newbie

      I'm new to using Drools and I was trying to create a rule in a tabular format. The rule has a column which has the values of each "customer type" in the application. I understand that in order to cater to all customer types you would need to insert a row for each of the customer types. But is there a way to add another value for the column which would say "All customer types" so that the number of rows for the rule would be minimized? Below is a brief example:


      Customer TypeLoyalty PointsAgeCategory


      In the case above would I need to have a row for each customer type that has a range of loyalty point 0-100, for all age brackets to obtain the category "D"? Or is there a way in Drools to explicitly state that I want this row to be for all customer types / age bracket?