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    Suggestions for "Transaction Profiler" rename




      Currently we are calling the tool that Alex developed in his internship the "Transaction profiler". I think this implies that we have a tool for measuring the performance of transactions. Alex's tool can do this, but it's not the focus.


      The idea is that the tool can show all the transactions started by the system giving detailed information about each. For example, the tool will show which participants enrolled in the transaction and how they behaved. It also provides an event log, with timing information, to analyse the steps that the protocol took. As well as viewing individual transactions, the tool can also look over groups of transactions to identify common problems, such as particular RMs that are either slow or regularly fail to prepare.


      Now, the question is, what should we call this tool? I think we need a name that sums up what it does in a couple of words, three at the most. I have an idea what to call it, but I wanted to get your ideas before polluting your thoughts with my suggestions...


      Fire away!