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    Jndi problem in Jboss 6.1 eap

    Marius Giepz Newbie


      I installed modeshape subsystem in jboss 6.1 eap. I have it declared a repository in standalone-full.xml like


      <subsystem xmlns="urn:jboss:domain:modeshape:1.0">
           <webapp name="modeshape-rest.war"/>
           <webapp name="modeshape-webdav.war"/>
           <webapp name="modeshape-explorer.war"/>
           <repository name="ghs-repository" cache-name="ghs-repository" cache-container="modeshape">
                <indexing rebuild-upon-startup="never"/><!-- Define workspaces to exist upon startup -->
                <workspaces default-workspace="contracts" allow-workspace-creation="true">
                     <workspace name="contracts">
                     <!-- initial-content>initial-content-contracts.xml</initial-content -->
                     <workspace name="invoices">
                     <!-- initial-content>initial-content-invoices.xml</initial-content -->


      I would expect the repo to be available in the jndi under java:jcr/ghs-repository but it is not there when i do /subsystem=naming:jndi-view in the jboss cli.

      The weird thing is that I can log-in to the modeshape-explorer with this:

      2013-11-05 14_30_11-Repository Explorer.png

      but in the log i get

      org.modeshape.web.jcr.NoSuchRepositoryException: No repository 'jcr/ghs-repository' was found.

      Anyway i get to a repository default workspace like this:

      2013-11-05 14_31_31-Repository Explorer2.png

      When I log-in with a name that does not make sense like jcr/abcde i get the same error in the log AND i get a login error in the modeshape-explorer.


      Any idea what goes wrong here or if i missed something essential?


      best regards,