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    Tooltip stops working on datatable column after sorting or pagination click.

    Sushant Saini Novice

      Hi I am using dataTable for displaying data on 1 of my screen. I am using pagination and sorting on this datatable. I have addes a tooltip to an image displayed in 1 of the column. This works fine when I load the page but once I use pagination link or sorting on datatable, the tooltip stops working. I looked at the difference in Ajax request send for tooltip before and after the pagination or sorting and I see a differene which I think is causing this issue.


      Requests for tooltip before sorting or pagination. There are bascially 2 requests. 1 for onclick and 1 for oncomplete. Note how intiator in both cases is Jsf.js.jsf




      Now after pagination click, for tool tip there is only 1 request and the intiator is "Other". Look at the last request. Please also note there is no 2nd request for oncomplete.




      can someone help me understan why tool tip is breaking after pagination or sorting?