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    Web Service orchestration or composition in Fuse ESB

    Kunal Suri Newbie



      I would request you to kindly help me with some pointers to do a Cxf web service orchestration in Fuse ESB.

      I came to know that ODE is no more supported by Fuse ESB. Also, there is no current support for SCA too as per my current knowledge.


      Thus, I would like to get some help from the community to accomplish the following:


      one of my Cxf web service (lest say Sa) needs to choose between two other services (lets say Sb & Sc) based on certain value passed to it and then the service Sb or Sc performs its function and returns the value to Sa which Sa returns to the calling application.  

      I am using cxf web services deployed in Fuse ESB in a activity in a Business process management system.


      Thanks in advance!