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    Problem with projects generated




      I' m new with this and I cant create/generate a project with SEAM 2.3 and AS7 In the CMD seam gen. What I have is this....


      SEAM 2.3CR1-dist

      JBOSS AS 7.1. Final


      and Eclipse Kepler


      after some instructions with the seam-gen. like name of the packages, project name, project deployed with ear,...., its says BUILD SUCCESSFUL

      and when I go to documents (for example) is empty. I made it many times and nothing.



      any help


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          It looks like your project was created (when it says BUILD SUCCESSFUL). Is your JBoss server running? Did you try to access localhost:8080/yourProjectName? I don't understand, what you mean by "when I go to documents". After successfully running "./seam create-project", it gives you following tips what can you do next or what to try:


          [echo] A new Seam project named 'myprojectEAR' was created in the /home/tremes/projects directory

          [echo] Type './seam explode' and go to http://localhost:8080/myprojectEAR

          [echo] Eclipse Users: Import the project using File > Import... > Existing Projects into Workspace, set the root directory to /home/tremes/projects, then select the project named myprojectEAR

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            Thanks man....


            Now I can see the new project in my documents (its the route where my projects are created). But now the problem is the running. I have a 404 in the web browser and  a red "!" in the project when its imported in the eclipse.


            In the java classes... the @annotations are in red "Syntax error, annotations are only available if source level is 1.5 or greater"


            Fixed it the red mark problem, I was missing two jars and have to remove the driver.jar because no need it yet and STILL I have 404 error. Now what!!!!   




            any ideas and thanks