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    S-RAMP Project Web Site

    Eric Wittmann Apprentice

      Of course Overlord has space here on jboss.org, including forms, documentation, download, etc.  However, I think the S-RAMP project (and perhaps the other Overlord projects) could use a more streamlined web site to introduce the project to new users.


      To that end, I've put together a first cut of an S-RAMP project web site that you can view here:




      Any feedback is welcome.  The only thing that's really not working is the (very important) Get Started Now link.  I would like to put together a page on this site that has a very streamlined set of instructions to get new users started quickly.  I'm thinking it will have two paths:


      • New user (takes the user through the steps to download and run the binary distribution)
      • New developer/contributor (takes a developer through the steps to get the code, set up a development environment, build, deploy, run, debug, etc...)
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          Gary Brown Master

          Looks like a great start. Just wondering whether the distinction between 'getting started' for users and developers/contributors needs to be made obvious on the front page? So depending on what they select, they would be directed to different pages.




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            Eric Wittmann Apprentice

            My thought is that the Getting Started link off the main page would take the user to a page with a couple of big buttons labeled: Getting Started Using S-RAMP Getting Started Developing S-RAMP Those buttons would then go to separate pages with different instructions. I'm hesitant to clutter up the main page with too many options.  Do you think in this case the Getting Started options should be promoted to the main page?  I'm worried there might be other iterations of Getting Started at some point (e.g. Getting Started with WildFly/EAP/Tomcat/Karaf) with slightly different instructions for each.