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    jms connection pool size to be configurred if max-session attribute and MDB instance pool are mentioned?

    Balakrishna Mumdluri Newbie

      We are using Jboss 7 Application Server. I have a scenario that I can not understand if the configuration done is correct or not. Please explain somebody. I would be very thankful.

      We have,

      MDB instance pool size configured as 20

      max-session attribute configured for each MDB as 20.

      1. Does that mean that I have a total of 20 sessions available per connection (which would make this 400 JMS Sessions for 20 connections) or does this mean that there are only 20 sessions available to be used among 20 connections?
      2. Does each MDB instance use separate dedicated JMS connection and session? Or all MDB instances of one class type shares a JMS connection but with different JMS session?
      3. Can we configure the JBOSS AS 7 JMS connection pool with such big number say 400+ ?
      4. On starting up the server itself I have noticed that consumer count on some queue has been shown as 20 which are the MDB max-session value configured on the queue? is it correct, that all MDB instances will be active by acquiring a JMS connection and start a MessageListener on it?