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    Publishing a Restful Service API

    Jeff Powell Newbie

      My team and I have been developing a middle-tier Restful Service using jaxrs; that is, we are making use if the @Get, @Post, @Path("..."), etc. java annotations.  We have two front-end teams which are developing separate applications/websites that communicate with our service.  Is there an easy way to provide them with an auto-generated API?


      I'm not sure if I've missed something reading through the plethora of JBoss/REST/jaxrs documentation, but is there a way to dynamically provide other developers with an API for our service?  At the moment, I've been doing some exploratory work with Java Reflections, iterating through all classes within a package, searching for specific annotation (such as @Path() ) and building and API ad-hoc.  But all this work seems redundant, I would assume that there should be some sort of tool or component within JBoss/Rest/jaxrs that provides this functionality.


      Does anyone know of such tools?  Thanks.