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    Exception while running spring war file in osgi container

    srinivas rao Newbie

      Exception : Class [org.springframework.context.config.ContextNamespaceHandler] for namespace [http://www.springframework.org/schema/context] does not implement the [org.springframework.beans.factory.xml.NamespaceHandler] interface.....


      Description : I was trying to running spring application war file in fuse esb osgi container i got the above mentioned exception.


      I am new to osgi. i don't know how to create a war file that contains OSGi manifest ( MANIFEST.MF) file in that how to configure bundle information. I know that if you run a war file in osgi container we need bundle information related manifest file in our war file. but i don't know to create OSGi manifest file that contains bundle related information war file..


      If you don't mine please give any sample pom.xml,  which create a war file including osgi manifest file that contains complete bundle information after creating war file using pom.xml.

      And also please give any sample spring xml file for clearing this namespace exceptions..


      Please give any sample pom.xml and spring xml files for my understanding...  or  else its better to give any simple spring war file for my understanding.


      And also please note that i want to run spring web application related war file. Not simple war file.