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    How to get the Lane position (issue JBPM-3782)

    quangtin3 Newbie

      In our project, we're using jBPM 5.4.Final as an embedded engine. We need to get lane position (x,y, width, height) to draw the process history activity diagram. The problem has bean fully described in a reported issue [JBPM-3782] jBPM Console Process Diagram adds an out-of-place marker in case of Swimlane - JBoss Issue Tracker

      The issue reporter already stated the solution, and I willing to implement the second one (we're only using web-designer):

      B) Store Swimlane's x/y values at parsing time and calculate Node's absolute position at rendering time (org.jbpm.integration.console.graph.GraphViewerPluginImpl)

      I've been looked into some classes inside jbpm 5.4 (jbpm-bpmn2, jbpm-flow) for two days:

      org.jbpm.bpmn2.core.Lane (add x,y,width,height member variables)
      org.jbpm.bpmn2.xml.LaneHandler (put x,y,widht,height when parsing process defintion)

      I haven't able to get position information yet. The Drool's process definition parsing code classes are a bit hard to follow. Our system did have some customizations with jbpm, but I will make the fully functioning patch for the original jbpm-console 5.4 as well. Could you give me some suggestions to implement the patch, please?