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    Local Webservice lifecycle callbacks

    Maxim Frolov Newbie



      In my EAR application some business code must be executed directly after a certain local Webservice is available during or immediately after the deployment of the EAR.

      The local webservice is implemented as @Stateless @Remote @Webservice Bean and is deployed in the same EAR.


      Is there any (possibly CDI) event, which is sent right after a certain Webservice is available and which can be observed?

      If yes, is it possible to obeserve such events in an @javax.ejb.Singleton Session Bean?


      Is it possibe to poll for availability of certain local Webservice in @PostConstruct method of an @Singleton @Startup Bean?


      I use JBosss 7.1.3.


      Thanks in advance!


      P.S.:This question is duplicate to Local Webservice lifecycle callbacks and The specified item was not found.