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    switchyard-problem on project clean

    Dishant Anand Newbie

      Hi community,


      Whenever i built a switchyard project ,and after succesful creation of a rest bind project,If i do the project clean ,then all the services in switchyard.xml gets distorted,

      Most of the the time ,it shows up the error saying the interface xyz can not be resolved as it not on the build path.



      Dishant Anand

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          Rob Cernich Master

          Hey Dishant,


          The validator in the tooling relies on output from the build.  More generally, this is true of other aspects of the tooling.  For this reason, you'll get best results by leaving auto-build enabled.


          That said, in the latest version of the tools, the validation is now invoked during the configure goal, which should mitigate false errors like this (since the configure goal is executed in process-classes, which means the source should be compiled).


          Hope that helps explain things a bit.